Things I’ve Learned After Becoming a Mommy

Becoming a Mommy

Becoming a Mommy
Becoming a Mommy

I’ve officially been a mother for 3 months now and it has been a beautiful journey, accompanied with its emotions &  its challenges.  I read so much before giving birth.  I researched a lot & I mean a lot. However,  there are so many things that I’ve learnt so far that could only be learned by experience.  Oh the things I’ve learned after becoming a mommy…

I learned how important having a “mom tribe” is. Having a support system at this time in my life is so important. It’s so nice to have ladies to talk to that are going through similar stages.  I love that I can text my best friend, who is also up at 3 am feeding her baby at that time.  There are so many things to do with your mommy friends with all the babies, especially with the holidays around the corner. I love that I can have a situation and just talk about it with somebody who understands because they have been or are currently going through it.  Not to mention, you celebrate all the different milestones the babies accomplish and inform each other of helpful tips when things get tough.

I’ve learned that pregnancy brain lasts after the baby is here! Haha. I find myself having to write lists of things that need to be done.  I’ve literally sent my reports at work early, thinking it’s the wrong day of the week.  I’ve even paid my car note twice.

I’ve learned that breastfeeding can actually be something easy! Breastfeeding has become something I love and I’m already dreading whenever I need to wean her off of it. Prior to giving birth, I heard all these horror stories.  Babies not latching on, lip/tongue ties, sore nipples, etc. Luckily,  I have been blessed and able to breastfeed for 3 months now without any sort of problem besides trying to get my milk supply up on certain days.  Thank God.  Not everybody is this lucky and that is okay.  I believe the only thing that matters is that the baby is fed.

One thing I learned that brings both joy and pain is that nothing reveals the true colors of those surrounding you as much as a life changing event such as a pregnancy/the birth of a child/motherhood. Trust me when I say,  I’ve learned who has genuine intentions and who doesn’t. Some friends I may have doubted have grown closer than ever.  They have shown so much love towards me and my baby as soon as they knew she had been conceived. That to me, will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated. Others pull back.  Lifestyles change and friendships change along with them at times.  There are also the ones that as soon as you make a decision they don’t agree with; such as feeding the baby formula, piercing ears, going back to work, etc., will turn their backs and just distant themselves.  There are those who quickly shame your mistakes or even your bad moments but don’t recall the good. See, I believe in unconditional love. Not in a relationship manner nor a best friend manner, but just in a “we are humans” manner.  Unfortunately not everybody does and there will always be those that love to knock you when you already are down versus giving love.  All this is just part of everyday life and not a reason for being sad nor for being happy. My happiness is not based on how others feel towards me.

I’ve learned to understand my mother in a lot more ways than before. I’ve learned why mothers worry so much.  It truly is a love like no other. I absolutely love being a mom and am obsessed with my daughter. I thank God every day for choosing me to be her mom. I find myself stuck between enjoying the current moment vs looking forward to doing all these things as she gets older.

I’ve learned what it is like to sacrifice and not mind having to sacrifice: because it is for my daughter. Mom’s always talk about sacrificing and I never took it serious until I became one.  Oh…. and my baby is only 3 months. Haha. So I’m just getting started. Mommies what did you learn after actually having the baby?  Is being being a mommy as simple or as complicated as you had imagined?  I’m sure we agree that no matter what our expectations (vs reality) are it’s definitely a fulfilling journey.


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19 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned After Becoming a Mommy

    1. Yes! Moms are always right! I hope our babies learn that too. Lol. My relationship with my mom has evolved so much since the moment I found out I was going to be a mom. Thank you.

  1. Ahhh isnt beautiful to becoming a mum and suddeny it feels like your eyes are open for the very first time! You start to realise thing that you didnt truly understand before!

  2. This is a beautiful post. And I loved your remarks about the importance of a “mom tribe.” I have found that true mom friends are lifesavers and such encouragers. Loved your work!

    1. Thank you. Yeah. I love having positive mommies surround me. It definitely helps. I always heard about how significant it would be but never thought about it much until I saw myself in those shoes. Thank you so much!

  3. Aw this is so sweet! I can totally relate to all of those points because I’ve been a new mom for almost 6 months now! The sacrifice one is particularly resonant. You end up spending soooo much time with your little one, all in the name of love <3

  4. It’s a wonderful thing! 3 months is such a fun time when they start having their own personalities, too! Mine are a preteen and teen now. I’ve enjoyed every stage so far. You have so much to look forward to!

    1. Yes!!! She is 3 months now and she has her own personality already! I love it. I’m enjoying this phase so much. Thank you so much. I remember being a teen so I can wait for that phase! haha.

  5. I think honestly most women research like crazy all the way up until having their baby yet there is even no way to come close to explain all the things that come with being a mom! the first time anyways LOL

  6. I agree and also after having the second one, I learned none of the technics and tricks I’ve learned and experienced from my previous pregnancy works ;-). That proves every child is different

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