My Birth Plan Details

My Natural Birth Plan

I decided to share my birth plan so you can understand why I chose to not have certain things during my labor. As I mentioned in my birth story,  I trusted my body a lot.  I also remained very positive throughout my pregnancy and had intentions to remain positive if my birth didn’t go as I had hoped.  Every birth is beautiful whether it’s a C-section, vaginal, medicated: they are all beautiful. Read more

Giselle: 3 Month Recap

Baby’s 3 Months

Baby's 3 Months
Baby’s 3 Months

I can’t believe Giselle is 3 months already! I’m so excited for all the milestones to look forward to the next couple of weeks & months.  However, I am sad that the newborn stage is finished.  It’s true what they say about enjoying your newborn despite the sleepless nights:  enjoy it because the newborn phase ends quicklyRead more