Giselle: 3 Month Recap

Baby’s 3 Months

Baby's 3 Months
Baby’s 3 Months

I can’t believe Giselle is 3 months already! I’m so excited for all the milestones to look forward to the next couple of weeks & months.  However, I am sad that the newborn stage is finished.  It’s true what they say about enjoying your newborn despite the sleepless nights:  enjoy it because the newborn phase ends quickly Giselle is so much fun right now!  She’s playful and has developed her own personality.  I feel that almost every day she does something new.  I can’t get enough of her.

Giselle’s Personality:  Giselle seems to be super curious.  She’s always looking around at what you are doing.  She’s very loveable.  She loves the people she’s constantly around. She is constantly smiling.  She doesn’t seem like she’ll be too shy.  She definitely looks like she’s going to be outgoing.  She’s always babbling on; I wonder who she gets it from?   She is easily startled by minor sounds but doesn’t seem to have a problem being around music. She doesn’t give me a hard time putting bows and hats on her just yet.  I really hope this stays that way.  However, she constantly tries to take off her shoes. She absolutely loves spending time with her mommy and I can’t help but love that.

Sleep: Giselle is officially on a routine!!! She goes to sleep around 10 pm and wakes up only once at night to feed.  I wake her up in the morning before I leave to work and feed her before we leave.

Feeding: We just started 6 oz bottles! I cannot believe it! I am still breastfeeding and pumping.  I am so happy that we’ve made it to the 3 months, even though pumping at work has been a challenge.

Milestones: Giselle is now obsessed with trying to sit herself up.  She also reaches for things and now enjoys her tummy time a little more than before.  She still doesn’t roll over completely.  She just rolls on her side.  She pushes down on legs when we place her feet on a firm surface.  This gets me excited because that means that pretty soon we’ll be using the walker/jumparoo.  She loves to imitate movements.  I sit with her and tilt my head towards the right and she’ll try to do the same thing. Now, the thing that melts my heart is how she has a social smile! She’ll smile when I go see her on my lunch break.  She smiles when Daddy comes over.  She smiles when I first wake her up in the morning.  I cannot get enough of her smile.

Things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks:

Rolling both ways

Sitting without any support

Transferring of objects from hand to hand

Responding to her own name

Responding to “no”(now she just stares at me lol)

Introducing her to baby food

play time in jumparoo/walker

First Thanksgiving

First Christmas


First time in an aquarium.  I took her to the Sea Life Aquarium and I was in shock at how amused she was the whole time. I had read online that taking babies to aquariums is good for their developing senses (sight in this case) and decided to take her. She wouldn’t stop staring at the fish and the surroundings.  All the different colors and lights definitely got her attention.

First Fall.  I’ve taken her to two fall festivals already.  I took her to the Southern Hill Farms Fall festival and it was really nice because there was a pumpkin patch and a petting zoo. She wouldn’t stop staring at all the little animals. I’m dying to take her to a petting zoo now because she’s discovered her hands and is always grabbing, opening, and closing them.

I really thank God every day for all of these moments.  I’ve learned to appreciate life and the moments he gifts us a lot more.  I’ve learned to cherish everything a little more. This is such a beautiful moment in my life.  What were your baby’s first three months like? Were any of your babies “early bloomers?”  What were some of your favorites?  I look forward to sharing much more!


Giselle’s Outfit Details:

Turban: Sweet Peas Co use code Giselle10 for a discount

Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt: H&M


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9 thoughts on “Giselle: 3 Month Recap

  1. OMG!!! She is soooo cuteee! I have a son of a month and a half and I feel like time is passing by so so soooo fast, don’t you agree? Also thank you for the idea of making recaps. I should really do it as well.

  2. Bravo for Giselle and soo enough this beautiful girl will be bringing home a boyfriend!😫 My is two and I dont want to loose her but at the same time I cant wait to she her spread her own wings!

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