Giselle’s #OOTD

Baby’s Outfit of the Day

Baby's Outfit of the Day
Baby’s Outfit of the Day

So I’m sure everybody can tell from all the photos I post that I love to dress up my daughter.  I enjoy it so much.  I’m a really girly girl and love dressing up and now I can dress up my daughter.  I know to some that may not seem like a big deal but when I was small I wanted a little sister so bad so I could do her hair and dress her up.  Instead, God gave me a brother that I love very very much. God knew what he was doing cause years later, long behold, he gave me the biggest gift.  Not to just dress up, but to guide through life and surround with love.  I’ll be sharing more of baby’s outfit of the day with you guys.  I enjoy shopping.  What girl doesn’t? One of my favorite stores is Zara.  You will always find me there and in Forever 21 trying to find the perfect pieces for the outfit I have in mind for an outing with my friends or a trip. When I was pregnant,  I remember going to Zara and just admiring all their clothes for little kids.  I bought Giselle a Minnie Mouse outfit that I’m dying to put on her.  It’s still too big.  Christmas came around and Giselle’s daddy got her a little collection of clothes from Zara that I’m so excited for her to wear!

This shirt is one of the pieces and I love it because it’s so different.  No flowers, no pink, but still so so cute! It has perfect gold accents on the ring of the planet that match Giselle’s gold Lex & Lillies Bow.  I am completely in love with Lex & Lillies Bows! I will talk more about them in a later post.  I put jeggings and her flats that I bought at Babies R Us and it came out perfect. Giselle looked adorable and ready for the weekend.

Baby's Outfit of the Day
Baby’s Outfit of the Day

That being said, I love to dress up my daughter and look forward to sharing all the different looks with you guys.  Readers with babies or children in general, what’s your favorite place to get them clothes or what clothing item are you obsessed with putting on them? Do you stick to pink and blues or try to mix it up? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


More Space Shirt-Zara

Jeggings & Shoes-Babies R Us

Gold Bow-Lex & Lillies

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