About Me

About me…

I am Mayra & I am a 28 year old, full time working, single, first time mommy! My baby Giselle has been my biggest blessing.  I love being a mother and feel very passionate about doing my best at being a mommy.  I had an amazing natural birth and have been successful at breastfeeding.  I can’t help but be proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and feel grateful of how blessed we have been!  When I’m not too busy being a mommy I enjoy traveling, eating at different places, and pampering myself.  I am a very charismatic, driven, and independent woman.  I always seem to have a smile on my face and am very social. Before becoming a mommy you would find me traveling every 2-3 months and shopping a lot.  I graduated very early at 22 with a bachelors in accounting.  I currently work as a financial advocate where I get to help people every day. I look forward to not only living that same lifestyle after becoming a mommy but giving that same lifestyle to my daughter.  I look forward to taking her to different places; to taste different foods and see different views. about me

Why I started my blog…


I started Giselle Y Mama as a platform to express myself, document everything that I experience, and things that are important to me. Giselle is my daughter and my main priority is us: Giselle and I. Giselle Y Mama is just Giselle & Mommy but in Spanish. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now and every time I’m about to go for it, I let fear take over.  I just turned 28 and have decided to put the shyness to the side and go for it.  What better hobby than documenting & sharing my journey through motherhood? My blog will feature posts about my day to day things, the travels I hope to make, my favorite baby & mommy products, outfits, and all about becoming a mommy and my time with my daughter.

Hope you enjoy reading!


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